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1: Medline (PubMed) (31-03-2021)
'((“neoplasms”[MeSH] AND “adult”[MeSH] ) OR (“neoplasms”[tiab] AND “adult”[tiab] ) OR (“neoplasms [MESH] “ AND patients”[MESH] ) OR (“neoplasms [tiab] “ AND patients”[tiab] ) OR (“neoplasm” [tiab] OR “cancer” [tiab] OR “oncology” [tiab]) AND((“Anxiety” [MESH] OR “Fear” [tiab] OR “anxiety” [tiab] OR “Anguish” [tiab] OR “Fright” [tiab] OR “Scare” [tiab] OR “Apprehension” [tiab]))) AND (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing [MESH] OR “EMDR” [tiab])': 5 hits, waarvan 4 geïncludeerd.

2: Cochrane Library (31-03-2021)
'“cancer OR oncology OR Neoplasms” in Title Abstract Keyword AND “Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing” in Title Abstract Keyword AND “Anxiety OR Fear OR anxiety OR Anguish OR Fright OR Scare OR Apprehension” in Title Abstract Keyword - (Word variations have been searched)': 2 hits, waarvan 0 geïncludeerd.


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